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8/1/2022 1:00:00 AM

August 2022

Time sure flies! Here we are in August with another busy month ahead. We’ve had a great string of events in July and many more to come. Rain has blessed our courses and conditions have showed. As always, we have some areas on the courses that are still recovering from Spring drought. Even though the tee box project is behind schedule, the progress and future looks great. Hopefully we will be playing on them soon; this project was very much needed!  Read on for more August Golf News.

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7/1/2022 12:00:00 AM

July 2022

July is here, and we have had a great head start on rain in the later part of June, thank God! We always pray, anticipate, and expect it, but it was sure nice to get it early. Though the rain always helps, it somewhat dampers our current tee box and rain project, but a small set back on that is worth the cost of rain! We continue to be busy with member play and tournaments.

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6/1/2022 8:00:00 AM

June 2022

June is here! We are upon season and events and activities galore. I’d like to start with an enormous shout out to Lance McMillan, who has moved on from Alto lakes. Lance and his wife Melissa will be moving to Frisco, TX, where he will be working as an instructor at GOLFTEC.

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5/1/2022 7:13:00 AM

May 2022

Greetings! April gave us our green golf courses back. But of course, it also brought our spring winds! Winds that caused a scary fire in our community. In these situations, we learn that it happens and works quickly. Aside from some damaged trees, Alto’s property was pretty much unscathed from the fire. However, some of our Alto family was affected by losing their homes and/or belongings during this tragedy. Sometimes prayer is all we have in these cases. We pray for all of those who were affected by the fire and hope that these never break out. Beware, be FireWise!

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4/1/2022 8:00:00 AM


The snow continued in March and was fortunately good, wet snow! At the very least, we had more chances to get out and play both golf courses; spring is upon us. April now brings us longer days, better weather, more golf, and yes, tournament season! The first ALGA and AMGA play days start April 6th. See below for this month’s golf event details.

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